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Our partnership with the natural and cultural heritage

Our planet is currently suffering the worst environmental crisis of its history as a consequence of humankind's negligence. In our tours we ride across specially selected natural environments which are unique because they are very well preserved. This habitat is both environmentally and culturally sensitive. For this reason its future must be the responsibility of everyone in every moment. 
In Pioneros we look forward to enhance the value of these places, for visitors and local community, through our environmentally friendly tourism. We try our best and encourage our visitors to do the same. 
In order to accomplish this we have set some guidelines we follow strictly for those who want to take trips and vacations that are in harmony with their surroundings:

We do not litter, specially on trails and stopovers. In our overnight stops we have specially designed dumps for organic garbage and all other is periodically removed from the area.
Campfires at campsites and near forests are risky: especially in dry seasons and on windy days. We put them out well before leaving
Wildlife observation is fun but don't disturb the animals. Don't get between the adults and their litters; don't touch nests or young ones; don't block an animal's escape route
When we visit the archeological remains of ancient settlements and pictographs avoid picking up any remains
Local dwellers have their own culture, times and spirituality. Respect their culture and dignity. They have priority because they live in sites that you visit. They will be more than happy to take pictures with visitors but avoid surprises by asking first.