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The history of this ranch and that of Salta are closely linked. It is one of the oldest ranches of the north of Argentina, dates back to 1609. Owned by the Arias family for eight generations, it is today a modern working ranch with more than 5 000 acres. 
The family keeps very valuable books and documents as well as archeological remains found there that entertain the guests. In a stately atmosphere, the decoration remembers centuries gone by and service matches the traditional northern hospitality. The breeding of Peruvian Paso horses, with its smooth and elegant walk, is one of the distinctive attractions of the ranch.
What to do: Trekking, Peruvian Paso horse riding, ranch work, visit to the alligator farm. Stroll the tropical forest crowded with lapachos, jacarandŠes, quebrachos and palos borrachos. Bird watching. 
Cuisine: Home made ancient recipes prepared with vegetables, beef and fruits. 
Location: one hour away from Salta city.