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An ideal place to relax but also to feel oneself driven back to the days of the American Independence.
This ranch of 15 000 acres was property of General Güemes and was used for the protection of his troops. From there, General Belgrano led his patriot troops to victory in the Battle of Salta. 
Located in the middle of its own valley, it is the place to enjoy the calm atmosphere of this unique place.
The main house of this ranch was built in year 1760. It was recently renovated but keeps its style in accordance to its history. The armory, the oratory and the old pictures collection are witnesses of the age of this house. 
What to do: Trekking, horse riding for a few hours or a full day to the hill tops, which are the region´s highest, ranch work, a small swimming pool. Because it is very close to Salta city, a stay at Higuerillas can be combined with the Train to the Clouds or any other tour going out from the city. 
Cuisine: Traditional local cuisine prepared by the owners of the house.
Location: 10 miles away from Salta city.